If you're into 50's Fords, but have never attempted a resin kit, here's a great one to start with. All you need is an AMT/Ertl 56 Ford kit for a donor, some patience and basic modeling skills. Resin kits usually require a bit of sanding and trial fitting of donor parts before priming painting and final assembly. You can use real automotive primer and paint on resin which makes for an authentic looking model.

$41.95 plus $8.50 for Insured & Tracked Priority Shipping.

As a "Freebie," your kit also includes enough of our new window glazing material to do several models... That's it shown below on one of our 1957 Chevrolet Sport Sedans. This one was built and detailed by Bob's Curbside 66. More photos and details are available at The Resin Realm.

...and some of our new "Chrome Trim" mylar stock for making interior and exterior trim pieces. It's real chrome plate, only a few thousandths thick, and is great for mirrors, dash, headliner and door trim, p/u bed strips and lining...you'll probably find a gazillion other uses for it. Unlike BMF it's chrome on both sides and has no adhesive coating. It's also not as flexible as BMF, but then again, it's not as fragile either. The last two pix tell the story.