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Our first special project car is a 60 DeSoto Convertible that you can easily make from a JoHan 60 DeSoto Adventurer 2 door hardtop kit you may have, or that you can pick up cheaply at a swap meet or at eBay. Ok, so what's so special about this car?...well, there never was a 60 DeSoto Convertible...except for this one. I picked it because it's really easy to make and would be a good starter for someone who likes the unusual, but is still a novice modeler. (like me :-) This photo was taken at an auction. The white tag in the center of the windshield reads "No Reserve."

Our second project needs no explanation...just a pretty good set of modeling skills. This one won't be easy. If you don't have a 62 Thunderbird use a 63 or 65. This will make a great model no matter what year you choose.

Got a Linberg 67 442 sitting around? Here's a special project you might like to tackle...and before you say, "just an El Camino Conversion" take a good look at the pictures.

A Jet Powered 85 Toyota MR2...This one is just for fun, but it actually exists and was sold at eBay which is where these pictures were snarffed from. Have fun with this one :-)

For those of you who remember Jr. Samples and the Hee-Haw TV show, this truck should ring a bell