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Please be sure to contact Steve before you send any money to be sure your choice is still available.

Styrene Kits

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Dear fellow modeler...

We keep things simple, ship on time and, most importantly, treat you like the valuable customer you are. We don’t cash your money order until we have your kit ready to ship and your kits and accessories will be well packed and arrive at your door via UPS ground.

There’s got to be a hitch, Right?

Well, yes... We won’t always have every kit or accessory that’s listed in stock, and ordering an item that has to be cast can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks to arrive.

Sooo...before you send us your money, contact us by e-mail or phone to be sure that what you want is in stock. If we don’t have it, we can advise you when it will be coming in. At that point you can still place your order if you don’t mind waiting or check back with us later.

Shipping for a single model anywhere in the lower 48 states is $9.00...add $1.50 for each additional model ordered.

Thanks and Happy Modeling,

Steve Kohler

STAR Models

Styrene Kits

What's NEW!

Just arrived 2/28/14

MPC Kit #804 Ohio George Malco Gasser Mustang $24
Star Ed "BIg Daddy" Roth's Captain Pepi Mega Cycle $23

Just arrived 02/07/14

AMT 858 -78 Ford "Firestone" P/U $26

STAR-54 Ford Country Squire $45

Just arrived 01/09/14

AMT 823-69 Chevelle convertible $21

MON 4997-Slingster dragster $21

MPC 798-75 Dodge Dart $23

REV 4189-53 Chevy panel $20

REV 4996-49 Mercury Woody Wagon $21

STAR-54 Chevy pick-up cab $30

STAR-57 Chevy 4dr sedan $30

Plastic Kits up-Dated 08/05/14...Lots of new and rare kits you may have been looking for have been added to the lists.

New from Revell

1984 Pro Stock Reher Morrison Camero $21


1956 Chrysler 300 2dr Htp $24.00

New from Flintstone...

#245  72 Gremlin      $25
#246  53 Hudson pickup    $18
#247  41 Lincoln custom    $18
#251  50 Citroen        $18
#257  40 Willys COE    $12
#260  50 Olds Fastback    $18
#261  55-57 chevy chopped pickup    $12
#262  62 El Ponchomino    $18
#264  50 Olds sedan      $18
#265  63 Dodge Polara HT    $50
#266  53 Hudson Salt Flat Custom    $18
#267  25 Tall T truck cab    $12
#268  55 Chevy custom pickup    $18
#269  59 Buick custom truck    $18
#270  54 Metro Delivery Van      $50

and from R&R, their final new kit.

67 Cadillac 2dr HT      $53

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